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We believe that creating a better, more sustainable, and inclusive future is our collective responsibility. Everything we do reflects our relentless passion for sustainability and finding ways to add value for the betterment of all of our stakeholders.

As part of Plasman’s sustainability program, we have released our 2023 Sustainability Report which is a comprehensive review of our ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) performance metrics.

Plasman’s 2023 Sustainability Report includes Plasman’s sustainability scorecard benchmarked against the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Index as well as a summary of our 2023 calendar year sustainability performance.

View past Sustainability and ESG reports here.

Climate Neutral Operations by 2028

At Plasman, we are dedicated to our global sustainability actions. Our first step towards fighting Climate Change is our 2028 Climate Neutral Energy Ambition. We aim to power all our Plasman operations on climate neutral energy by 2028. Climate neutral energy sources include wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, hydropower, and nuclear power.

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Our Climate Neutral Commitment

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Our Sustainability Commitments

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Plasman continues our commitment to environmental sustainability by our development of a long-term environmental strategy, maintaining and expanding our certified environmental systems (including ISO 14001), and implementing and maintaining energy management systems at each of our manufacturing locations.

Pollution Reduction

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Plasman strives to understand the life-cycle impact of our products and processes. We assess and continually improve our end-of-life strategies to reduce waste in all forms and to improve the circularity of our plastic production processes. By adopting clean and environmentally-sound technologies and strategies, we continuously work toward reducing material, water, and energy consumption. This includes the reduction of the use of harmful materials wherever possible.


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A competent, skilled workforce is our greatest asset. We are working with strategic competence management systems and support education and learning through access to internal programs, development opportunities, and community partnerships. We seek to enhance the understanding of sustainability through training, open and ongoing communication of internal policies, and by keeping stakeholders informed about regulations and customer standards.

Competence Development

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Plasman is committed to conducting its business in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, and the highest standards of ethical conduct. In addition, we pledge to openly communicate our sustainability program information and to ensure accountable, transparent, and inclusive governance.

Compliance and Transparency

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Plasman continues our commitment to environmental sustainability by our development of a long-term environmental strategy, maintaining and expanding our certified environmental systems (including ISO 14001), and implementing and maintaining energy management systems at each of our manufacturing locations.

Environmental Commitment

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We are committed to occupational health and safety standards (policy and certified management systems) and applicable legal requirements. Plasman exercises the highest care to ensure our facilities are safe and we have the necessary personnel and systems to mitigate health and safety risks. We regularly review the content of our employee health and wellness training and support to promote well-being, including mental health. Plasman promotes a healthy organizational culture and healthy, active lifestyles.

Health, Safety, and Well-Being

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Plasman is committed to the highest standards of human rights, diversity and equality. We continuously search for ways to build a culture that welcomes all. We have implemented internal processes that uphold a culture of inclusion. We create and manage unbiased practices in the recruitment, development, and retention of employees. Plasman pledges to ensure fair working conditions and promote work-life balance. We follow all applicable regulations and social standards.

Human Rights, Diversity, and Equality

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By continually assessing and enhancing our processes, Plasman will enhance our ability to drive profitability improvements, allowing us to set and achieve financial targets. By making advancements in our equipment technologies we will improve product offerings, quality, and output. Further investments in innovation and technology capabilities enable development, expansion, increased sustainability, and reduced risk in our supply chain.

Innovative Production

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In addition to rigorously following all regulations and industry standards, our climate-neutral strategy helps contribute to the reduction of our greenhouse gas footprint in our internal operations and across our supply chain. Our capital equipment projects take advanced technologies into account to ensure that we continue to reduce harmful impacts to air and water.

Pollution Reduction

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Not only is responsible resource management good for the environment, but it is also beneficial for our overall efficiency. We have developed a long-term climate-neutral energy strategy that will reduce our use globally of non-renewable and climate-adverse energy sources. This resource management extends to raw materials and water use as well.

Responsible Resource Management

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Working together with our supplier partners, ensuring responsible sourcing of raw materials, providing transparency on their origins, and working toward eliminating conflict minerals is on the top of our agenda. By considering the economic, environmental, and social aspects of our shared logistics systems, we mitigate any adverse effects of the transportation of raw materials and finished products. Plasman takes into account such global risks as cyber security, data privacy, and risks to stakeholders to work towards mitigating risks in our supply chain.

Responsible Supply Chain Management

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Working cross-functionally within Plasman’s various departments, we continue to make advancements in products and materials that allow us to improve the sustainability of our product portfolio. Examples include designing for reduced environmental impact and increased safety. Plasman also is creating a culture of learning and development across the global organization. We encourage our team members to personally work with us to develop a responsible, sustainable organization.

Sustainable Products and Services

Sustainability in Action

Our Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

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