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The most impressive thing we’ve built is our workforce. At Plasman, you will work with the world’s best and brightest to shape the future of our global company. Our employees come from rich and diverse backgrounds, working collectively for the success of one company. We take pride in supporting the communities in which we live and work, and the lives of our employees. 

We are an equal opportunity employer, committed to offering a wide range of prospects to our employees, including competitive salaries, benefits, company savings plan, recognition awards, hands-on training, upward mobility and much more. Come join the force today.

Plasman values and supports the unique talents and strengths that each employee brings to our organization. We invest in our people and give them the tools they need to achieve success by offering apprenticeship programs, tuition reimbursement and referral bonuses. Collaborating with the best and the brightest means a dynamic, fulfilling work experience for you — and making a difference for our customers.

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Why Edo loves working at Plasman:

“I have worked for Plasman for 5 years and have witnessed some pretty great changes. I love how my job can vary my days by being both an operator and a forklift driver. This is possible because Plasman provides internal opportunities to post for jobs and I am thankful I got the chance to train and drive forklift. Having this opportunity makes me happy and in turn I want to do the little extra things needed and I encourage my colleagues to do the same.”

Edo’s daily work responsibilities include preparing and checking details for painting so that each part meets our high standards as well as servicing his colleagues when operator of a forklift. He finds what is most challenging – yet rewarding, is exceeding the quality requirements set forth that makes Plasman a global leader in automotive components. Keep up the great attitude and work ethic Edo, it has more of a positive effect than you may realize.

Most courageous act? Bungee jumping
Hobby? Working out
Favorite Netflix Show? La Casa del papel

Edo Hodzic

Machine & Forklift Operator
Simrishamn, Sweden

Wendy Payro

Information Technology Manager
Hopkins, U.S.A.

Why Wendy loves working at Plasman:

“I feel that I’m more than a facility number and a manager of people. From Senior Leadership to employees on the plant floors, we are all connected and the commitment and teamwork we have in IT across all locations is very special at Plasman. When you’re a part of such a supportive group of professionals, meeting any challenge head on comes easy. We as staff of Plasman network, problem solve and support each other in such a positive manner. As a result, at the end of each day I leave with a strong sense of success.”

Twelve years and counting, Wendy continues to be inspired by assisting the business in the operation side. She has worked hard to build trust by taking ahold of the opportunities provided to her with a mindset to always want to learn and grow. Whether leading challenging projects, attending project meetings communicating with her team across plants or supporting Plasman team members with IT inquiries, Wendy is first inline to positivity influence any change regarding technology or system process. Thank you, Wendy for your devotion and support over the years.

Favorite movie? The Notebook & Harry Potter Saga
Farthest travel destination? Saudi Arabia
Favorite sport to play or watch? Crossfit

Why Roger loves working at Plasman:

“Three years ago, I made a career change from a reputable company where I worked for over 22 years to join the Plasman team. It was the right decision and I’ve never looked back as it has been rewarding and exciting being a part of a dynamic global company that continues to challenge the status quo.”


Since joining the Plasman family, Roger has built trustworthy relationships with our team members across the world while developing and launching strategic training and engagement programs. Next up for Roger is to partner and work on some exciting projects with our European teams in Sweden, Belgium, and Norway. Way to go Roger. Your energy and enthusiasm are inspiring.     

Favorite band? Stone Temple Pilots
Most courageous act? Surfing the Pipeline
My hero? My Father

Roger Lauzon

Human Resource Business Partner
Windsor, Canada

Juana Elda Reyes

Operator 1
Juarez, Mexico

Why Juana loves working at Plasman:

“I have been working at Plasman for over ten years and it’s the work environment that I truly appreciate. I cherish all the memories of the people I have met. I feel like I am a part of a family just like I do in my own house.” 

Juana’s work ethic is always 100% commitment while her caring and supportive nature creates a warm and fun atmosphere for her colleagues. Whether it involves offering her assistance or welcoming a new team member, Juana makes Plasman a better place to work for all. Thank you for being a part of the Plasman family Juana.

Favorite movie? El Barrendero
Favorite musician? Los Tigres del Norte
Dream vacation destination? Mazaltan

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