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The most impressive thing we’ve built is our workforce. At Plasman, you will work with the world’s best and brightest to shape the future of our global company. Our employees come from rich and diverse backgrounds, working collectively for the success of one company. We take pride in supporting the communities in which we live and work, and the lives of our employees. 

We are an equal opportunity employer, committed to offering a wide range of prospects to our employees, including competitive salaries, benefits, company savings plan, recognition awards, hands-on training, upward mobility and much more. Come join the force today.

Plasman values and supports the unique talents and strengths that each employee brings to our organization. We invest in our people and give them the tools they need to achieve success by offering apprenticeship programs, tuition reimbursement and referral bonuses. Collaborating with the best and the brightest means a dynamic, fulfilling work experience for you — and making a difference for our customers.

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Why Peter loves working at Plasman:

“Upon leaving the company for another opportunity, it didn’t take me long to realize that Plasman was where I wanted to be. Thankfully, I have since returned and value working in a clean and flexible environment with opportunities to learn and grow.”

Peter takes a lot of pride in his responsibilities as an Electrician Discharge Machining (EDM) Technician. He is responsible for creating programs and setting up files and for the EDM machining of steel at one of our Canadian locations. It’s great to have you back, Peter!

Music taste? I like a variety, from rock to orchestra
Hobby? Riding my BMW R1100R motorcycle
Dream travel destination? Machu Picchu

Peter Lee

EDM Technician
Windsor, Canada

Sonia Pacheco

Team Lead
Cleveland, U.S.A.

Why Sonia loves working at Plasman:

“It’s about the culture, the people I work with and how this company cares about its employees. Plasman is committed to making sure each member’s experience with the company is one of ownership and respect and that all are treated with the same considerations. This, in turn, makes me want to help my fellow team members whenever I can.”

In her seven plus years at Plasman, Sonia has gained valuable experience working the front lines in assembly, inspection, training and quality. She now uses that experience to juggle and manage daily tasks while helping others as a Team Lead. Congratulations, Sonia, on your continued success at Plasman. You are a true role model to so many.

Who is your hero? My father
Hobby? Working on cars and crafting projects
Favorite sport? I like to play and watch basketball

Why Daniel loves working at Plasman:

“I feel free to find opportunities to act on initiatives, take responsibility and am empowered to lead the effort for progress. I get to experience the benefits of working with committed and fun people with interesting products as I have seen many different angles of the automotive supply chain”.


Onboarded as a Materials Specialist three years ago, Daniel is now Manager of Materials, Paint and Lab. His daily agenda can include phone calls with material suppliers regarding new potentials and trends towards the OEMs, planning and preparing trials of new material grade in existing tools or meeting with the design team on current projects. It’s no secret that Daniel is known to challenge himself on dealing with new things, sometimes even without knowing where they might lead. Way to persevere, Daniel. Your approach and tenacity helps drive Plasman to the forefront of the industry.     

Favorite movie? The Big Lebowski
Hobby? I road cycle, ski and like to travel
Farthest travel destination? Maldives

Daniel Wendels

Manager Materials, Paint & Lab
Gothenburg, Sweden

Ada Luz Cueto Suriano

Manufacturing Engineer
Monterrey, Mexico

Why Ada loves working at Plasman:

“I am very grateful for the opportunities Plasman has given me to discover my hidden skills that I never imagined doing. I am also happy working with my talented colleagues and wish only the best for our continued success. I want to give my best every day”. 

Since joining the Plasman family as a Quality Engineer in 2009, Ada has evolved in her role, becoming fluent with IT systems and support. Her daily responsibilities include generating reports and presenting the information at daily production meetings, reviewing pending Engineering activities and taking the necessary action to provide IT support. Ada finishes each day by hosting follow up meetings to close production orders. Thank you, Ada for your openness and commitment to give your best in everything you do at Plasman.

Most courageous act? Leaving home at 18 years old to study for my degree
Favorite movie? The Cabin
Pet? A Labrador Retriever named Leo

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