Omniluxe® is a patented physical vapor deposition product technology that is an environmentally friendly, flexible, and valuable alternative to chrome plating processes. This technology uses thin-film deposition techniques, where a solid material is vaporized in a vacuum environment and deposited on substrates as a pure material or alloy composition coating.

Omniluxe® allows Plasman to offer an alternative to polymer parts for applying decorative finishes and fulfills the strictest environmental requirements. The method is EU REACH compliant and environmentally safe.

Stylish and Flexible

On top of its environmental benefits, Omniluxe® also gives designers the freedom to create. Complex shapes and hollow sections can be coated, as well as several gloss options and extensive color-matching possibilities. The material is also flexible to improve the ease of final assembly and reduce noise, vibration, and harshness. As well, that flexibility lowers the risk of scrap during assembly.

Omniluxe® Systems

  • Provides a Chrome-like finish in High/Low Gloss
  • Allows for RADAR pass-through
  • Available in multiple colors and various gloss levels
  • Full range of High Gloss and Low Gloss levels and tinted topcoats with unlimited color tones
  • 1 fully automated closed loop paint system, robotically sprayed base coat, and topcoat
  • 1 semi automated physical vapor deposition (PVD) chamber
  • 2K paint component mixing systems
  • Substrates library consists ABS, PCABS, PC, TPO, ASA and other OEM PVD approvals

Omniluxe® Product

  • Chrome-free product and process
  • Fulfills EU REACH requirements
  • Easy recycling due to the thin metal layer
  • Recycled as a painted part
  • Future approved – complies with all known upcoming legislations
  • Same thermal properties as the plastic substrate, reducing the risk of thermal cracks
  • Possible to coat complex shapes and hollow sections
  • Flexibility same as paint parts, reducing NVH problems
  • No brittle snaps making assembly easier
  • Providing 300,000 Omniluxe™ parts yearly in the finishes Chrome Bright and Chrome Silk
  • Full matching with Chrome parts due to flexible

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