We know that what sets us apart is our ability to beautify the exterior of the most popular automotive vehicles today. Our surface finishing products, such as Omniluxe® coatings, chrome plating, exterior painted surfaces with texture, and paint over chrome customer colour options, provide value-added solutions for automotive OEMs. Focusing on facias, bumpers, grills, spoilers, wheel-rocker panels and appliques, we meet our growing customers’ needs every time.


Our paint application and process have been refined for over 30 years in the paint industry. Known for our engineering, creative concepts and innovative design, we believe we are just getting started.


Our electroplating application and process has been refined for over 40 years. We are known for our creative concepts and part flexibility across multiple industries.

Advanced Solutions

Plasman is at the forefront of innovation solutions and design. We are developing tomorrow’s solutions today because we know our industry is always evolving and moving forward. Together, we’ll create more than ever imagined.


Plasman has developed a unique paint-over-chrome process, applying translucent non-metallic base coats over the chrome while allowing the underlying chrome to shine through, providing a brilliant finish.


Developed through physical vapor deposition (PVD) technology, Omniluxe® is an environmentally friendly, flexible and valuable alternative to chrome plating processes. With new, stricter environmental regulations and increasing OEM demands, Omniluxe® is the ideal solution for many customers and their partners.

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