Our Manifesto

We believe that what separates the impossible from the possible is perspective.

More important than where you’re going is who you get there with. We’re innovative and collaborative, time-honored and future-focused. Above all, we are dedicated to our work, our customers, and each other. From design to delivery, across the globe, we make shared visions a reality. We have the solution. And together, we will accomplish more than ever imagined.

We are Plasman, and we are One Driving Force™.

Our Values

From how we approach projects to how we treat our customers and employees, our values are at the heart of everything we do. Together, we are stronger, can accomplish more, and shape our future through the embodiment of these values.


Plasman's Ethics & Integrity value logo
Ethics and integrity are critical on both a personal and company level. We reflect these values by keeping our word, honoring commitments, staying focused, respecting others and taking accountability for our actions. Our reputation has been built by, and rests in, the hands and actions of our global team.


Plasman's Courage value logo
Courage is an important value that enables us to use experience and judgement to respond positively to new initiatives, deal with conflict in a proactive manner, and make good decisions based on imperfect information. Courage gives us the strength to face difficult situations, develop solutions and strengthen our company.


Plasman's Communication value logo
We are committed to honest, meaningful and transparent two-way communication with our stakeholders, employees, customers and communities. By promoting openness, honesty and sincerity through open and authentic conversation, we continue to connect and build trust with those around us.


Plasman's Respect and Fair Treatment value logo

We foster a culture based on respect so all employees feel comfortable speaking their truth, and are free from harassment and discrimination. We value people of all backgrounds and work to create more equality in the workplace and the world. We take pride in showing respect and providing fair treatment for everyone.

Our Mission

Two people pose holding up #1 finger at Plasman Fort Payne Manufacturing

Embrace Collaboration.

Take Ownership.

Deliver Solutions.

Achieving a common goal takes collaboration between our customers, communities, and each other. By taking ownership and accountability, we can manage and control any outcome. And as One Driving Force, we possess the ability and capabilities to achieve any goal.

Join Our One Driving Force

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