Plasman’s long standing community partnership with Frank W. Begley Public School

Over the years, Plasman has built a strong community partnership with Frank W. Begley Public School with the donation of over 500 cereal boxes every year. The tradition continued April 3, 2024, when Plasman MVPs from Tecumseh Manufacturing, Windsor Tooling and Global Corporate Headquarters delivered the much-needed nutritional items to the school.

Located in Windsor, Ontario, Frank W. Begley is part of the Ontario Student Nutrition Program (breakfast and snacks) and as a result are required to only serve items that meet the Student Nutrition Guidelines. The nutrition program ensures that children attend school well-nourished and ready to learn. Plasman’s donations help provide the students of Begley a nutritional breakfast to start their day.

Currently, there are 470 students that attend Begley and between 60-90 of them attend the breakfast program daily. Throughout the week they are provided breakfast items that include toast, bagels, waffles, cereal, yogurt, and fruit, as well as a variety of nutritional snacks to choose from. Cereal that is left over from breakfast is bagged into snack size bags and sent with students to eat throughout the day. The students are also provided with boxes of cereal, fruits, vegetables, whole grain, and dairy items to take home with them when they are approaching a school break or long weekend.

“Begley’s breakfast and snack program is an integral part of our school community. It foster’s responsibility, community, and supports healthy eating habits,” explains Sara Shahbazi, Vice Principal, Frank W. Begley Public School. “The program also supports students’ regular attendance and academic success.”

 A Loyal Partnership Through Teamwork

The breakfast program has been running for over 25 years at Frank W. Begley. They have over 20 volunteers on a daily rotation from Parkwood Gospel Church from 7am – 9am to prepare and serve breakfast five days a week. Begley’s snack program is prepared and served by their students with the help of administration and staff. They use the preparation of snacks as an opportunity to build life skills and responsibility, and to help them connect with other students.

“The generosity, kindness, and community support made by Plasman sets an example of what it means to be a model citizen by providing the opportunity for our students to be part of the process and to see and hear the people behind this great work,” says Shahbazi. “Plasman has created a yearly experience that our students will not forget, but will carry with them, and will guide them as they continue to give back and care for others.”

Through Plasman’s corporate partnership program called MVP – Corporate Giving, Fundraising, & Participating, we work together to support non-profit, youth-oriented organizations that are focused on creating a safe, healthy, and sustainable future for children and our new leaders of tomorrow. As One Driving Force, we place great importance on working together across all locations with a global focus on supporting the communities in which we live and work.

Plasman is more than a global leader in automotive manufacturing – we are a team committed to affecting change, helping children in need, and giving back to our communities.

3 box collage top left MVP Corporate Giving logo, top right picture of children from Begley Public School unloading a truck full of cereal with MVP ambassadors from Plasman, bottom picture group shot of Plasman MVP ambassadors standing behind stack cereal boxes and Begley School children sitting in front of boxes of cereal

About Plasman

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