A Proud Display of Community Partnership through Generosity and Teamwork

On May 8, dedicated Plasman MVP ambassadors from Windsor Tooling and Global Headquarters led by Plasman’s Chief Executive Officer, Mark Sullivan, delivered hundreds of items to Maryvale in Windsor, Ontario. The much-needed supplies were a part of Maryvale’s wish list that included hygiene products, art supplies, sports equipment, two iPads, and more.

Maryvale is a Children’s Mental Health Treatment Centre in Windsor, Ontario, where adolescents experiencing emotional, psychological, and mental distress can receive therapy and assistance. The donated items will primarily support the Day Treatment Program at Maryvale for youth aged 13-17. This program aids in the mental health treatment and educational success of these individuals, helping them to reintegrate successfully into their community schools.

“Plasman has a long history of partnering with the communities in which we live and work,” explained Mark Sullivan. “Maryvale is a vital community organization that helps provide opportunities for children to grow and thrive and it is very impressive how Maryvale is serving such a critical area for the youth of the greater Windsor area.”

Established in 1929, Maryvale started as a home in Windsor for young women and girls in social and spiritual need. It was the first residential service for girls in the province of Ontario. In 1984, Maryvale opened its first programs for boys and by 1993 a program responding to children and teens in crisis began. Over the years, Maryvale has expanded with the Leone Residence moving to the Maryvale campus providing additional residential treatment for adolescent girls between the ages of 11-17. They have also established a Child and Adolescent Acute Mental Health Hospital Bed Program. In 2013, their services moved primarily to child psychiatrists, counselling services, Positive Parenting Programs, and day and after school support programs for students moving between Maryvale and community schools.

Andrew Ward, Executive Director, Maryvale, along with Maryvale’s team of dedicated professionals, welcomed Plasman MVPs and expressed their gratitude for Plasman’s kindness and support. “Plasman’s generous contribution significantly enhances the resources available to our Day Treatment Program, directly impacting the lives of the youth we serve,” stated Andrew. “This donation not only supports our mission but also sends a powerful message of hope and community solidarity. Partnerships like this are crucial—they empower us to continue our dedication to nurturing and supporting adolescent mental health. We look forward to fostering this relationship and making a lasting impact together.”

Through our corporate partnership program called MVP – Corporate Giving, Fundraising, & Participating, we work together to support non-profit, youth-oriented organizations that are focused on creating a safe, healthy, and sustainable future for children and our new leaders of tomorrow. Plasman places great importance on working together as one team across our 25 locations with a global focus on supporting the communities in which we live and work.

The engagement of the Plasman team with this and other areas of philanthropic origin is a testament to the quality of character of the Plasman team. I am very proud to be a part of the team,” concluded Mark.

We are more than a global leader in automotive manufacturing – we are a team committed to affecting change, helping children in need, and giving back to our communities.

three picture and logo; top left picture of group Maryvale and Plasman members, top right MVP logo, bottom left image of donations


About Plasman

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