Student Day in Ghent Ignites Curiosity

Recently, Plasman Ghent Manufacturing was buzzing with the energy of young students eager to delve into the company’s workings.

The Plasman Ghent Student Day offered a hands-on experience of the innovative and collaborative culture at Plasman. This year, almost 40 students participated, representing a broad field of academics, including administration and office management, engineering and mechanics, accounting, and logistics.

Myriam Schroyens, HR Manager at Plasman Ghent, highlighted the event’s significance in today’s fast-paced world.

“By fostering a future-focused mindset at Plasman, we provide a nurturing environment promoting learning and growth for both students and professionals. The day was a success, filled with fun and discovery,” said Schroyens.

The participating students were visiting from schools in the greater Ghent area, including Free University Brussels, University of Ghent, and Ghent College.

About Plasman

Plasman is a leading global manufacturer in bumpers-fascias, grilles, exterior trim, and subsystem components. As One Driving Force™, our diverse team of talented employees in 11 countries is driven by a commitment to outperform in all areas from engineering design to state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Plasman’s headquarters are in Oldcastle, Ontario. Further information about Plasman is available at or follow us on LinkedIn.

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