As a part of the Surface Finishing product line, Plasman has dedicated over 100+ paint robots and nine fully automated paint systems to producing the perfect part. With endless color options, custom applications, textures, and sustainable materials it is no wonder we are sought after in the market by automotive OEMs. Today, over 400,000 pieces per week are produced for customers around the world and we are continuing to grow.

Our paint application and process have been refined for over 30 years in the paint industry. Known for our engineering, creative concepts and innovative design, we are a leading player in exterior painted finishes.

Paint Systems

  • Monocoat, base coat, Tri-Coat (Mica Coat) Interior Soft Touch and Laquer, Piano Black Ultra High Gloss, and Hyper Silver to mimic Satin Chrome Finishes
  • Full range of High Gloss and Low Gloss levels, tinted clear coats with unlimited color tones
  • 9 Fully automated closed loop paint systems, robotically sprayed prime, base coat, clear coat system utilizing a blend of start of the art Electrostatic and Turbo Bell paint guns

Paint Product

  • Providing 400,000 painted pieces per week
  • 800 different part styles
  • 300+ OEM production colors
  • OEM Body Exterior Color Specialist
  • Interior Laquer and Soft Touch Finishes

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