Integral option, as part of the Surface Finishing product line. Plasman has multiple chrome lines all under one roof, providing flexible options no matter what part size is needed. With endless color options, custom applications, textures and sustainable process developments, we are continuing to expand our capability and provide our customers with the ultimate flexibility for their products. It is no wonder we are sought out in the market by automotive OEMs.
Our electroplating application and process has been refined for over 40 years. Known for our creative concepts and part flexibility across multiple industries (Automotive & Consumer), we believe we are just getting started.
Chrome Systems

Chrome Systems

Only Company in North America to have a Hoist & Return Line under one roof affording maximum flexibility for part size and volumes.

Fully automated chrome systems

  • Hoist line
  • Large part capability: grilles to badges 140” x 60”
  • Return Lines
  • Smaller part capability 17” x 44”
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Chrome Product

Chrome Product

Multiple finish options ranging from High Gloss to satin finishes

Multiple color options ranging from Bright to Dark finishes

  • Satin Nickel Color
  • Galvano Stain with Twilite
  • Bright Chrome to Dark Chrome
  • Titanium Satin
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