Created with limitless options in colour variation and darkness, the process of paint-over-chrome offers customers the benefits of chrome brilliance with a translucent tint, altering the color of the chrome. The industry is trending towards darker chrome finishes, which cannot be achieved through standard plating process.

Plasman has developed a unique paint-over-chrome process, applying translucent non-metallic base coats over the chrome, while allowing the underlying chrome to shine through, providing a brilliant finish.

Brilliance™ Systems

Brilliance™ Systems

  • Fully automated chrome & paint systems
  • Chrome hoist line
  • Robotically applied return line paint system
  • Large part capability: grilles to badges 140”x60”
  • Small part capability 17”x44”
  • Ideal for high traffic areas, emblems & badges
Brilliance™ Product

Brilliance™ Product

  • Added surface protection
  • Multi-finish capability
  • Hexavalent and Trivalent Chrome
  • High gloss satin finish
  • Unlimited colour selection
  • Bright, satin, dark, platinum
  • Unlimited exterior & interior product applications

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