Windsor Three Manufacturing donates to the Ontario Student Nutrition Program

Recently, Windsor Three Manufacturing ran a ‘Back to School Food Drive’ supporting the OSNP (Ontario Student Nutrition Program).

The Ontario Student Nutrition Program (OSNP) provides funding and support to 93 schools across Windsor-Essex County reaching 29,000+ students daily. This program ensures students have a proper breakfast in the morning as well as snacks throughout the day, sometimes these programs will supply their only meal that day.

Windsor Three Manufacturing chose to run this food drive before the start of the school year because it is when the OSNP needs these donations the most; with school programs starting in September, they usually do not receive adequate funding until early November, meaning the students who rely on this program go the first two months of school without breakfasts and snacks. It was their goal to have two items per employee, which they ended up reaching and greatly exceeding.

Plasman Windsor 3 Manufacturing employees standing around large pile of cereal and food for donation


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