Two Master’s Theses completed at Plasman European Headquarters

During the past six months two groups of students successfully attained their master’s thesis at Plasman Europe HQ. Unlike thesis projects for undergraduates, which are shorter in length and scope, a master’s thesis is an extensive scholarly paper that digs into a topic, expands on it, and demonstrates how one has grown as a graduate student throughout the program. Essentially a thesis is the sum of all of your learned knowledge from your master’s program and gives you a chance to prove your capabilities in your chosen field. In addition to developing a deeper content knowledge, someone is also demonstrating research and writing skills of a particular area of study.  

Desikan Badri Narayanan and Vighnesh Tharayil completed their master’s thesis centered around Purchasing as their field of study; “Robust Supplier ManagementMapping and Improving the supplier management and purchasing process of Tier-1 automotive supplier”. In their study you can read more about mapping and suggesting improvements in both supplier management and purchasing processes. It also addresses the role of the change agents and liaison personnel in implementing the improvement processes.

To read Desikan and Vighnesh’s complete thesis click here.

Ornina Zayton and Jessica Eden’s master thesis was focused in HR; “Managers experience of Internal HR audits, a case study of follow-ups within the field of competence development”. They found that there was a mixed perception among the managers as they experienced a gap between what is intended and later implemented. Ornina and Jessica’s message is that “Mangers experience internal audit as a difficult and challenging HR related task in the case company that requires greater support from HR.”

Ornia and Jessica’s thesis will be published at a later date.

On behalf of Plasman, we congratulate Desikan, Vighnesh, Omina and Jessica for their dedication and hard work.