The Power of Building Meaningful, Authentic Relationships Through KIC 

At Plasman, we believe that best practices in leadership include the important responsibility of unleashing the potential of our dedicated and talented team members. As we think about continuing to develop others, every leader must also be committed to their own development through strong leadership behaviors demonstrated through KIC, which is about knowing, including, and cheering for one another.

The Evolution of KIC

To support and complement this mindset, an internal leadership development workshop referred to as KIC was developed. Roger Lauzon, Global HR Leader of Organizational Development & Communications, launched the program across Plasman’s North American locations and continues to host the workshop for newly hired and promoted leaders at Plasman.

“As we think about strong coaching, we believe it is important for each leader to be involved with their team members,” Roger explained. “It’s not just a process to improve or develop performance, but it’s a relationship that a leader builds to understand each team member personally and professionally. Through engagement drivers, KIC helps a leader on how to make those personal connections with their team members to build greater trust and rapport to encourage them to perform at their best.”

A Part of Plasman’s Culture

To date, over 400 leaders across all departments in positions from Supervisory level to Executive have participated. Most recently, leaders from Lawrenceburg Manufacturing (LAW) participated in the workshop. Jon Cooper, Materials Manager at LAW, attended and found that the KIC concepts are going to be helpful in his role of managing others.

“The training was well thought out and organized with a great mix of interactive participation,” said Jon. “It brought to mind situations where I could have done something differently and gave me additional tools and techniques to deal with situations in the future.”

Being able to incorporate behaviors that demonstrate how we know, include, and cheer for our team members supports Plasman’s company core values of ethics and integrity, courage, respect and fair treatment, and communication. It’s who we are and what we stand for.

collage of photos of leaders taking part in KIC Leadership training in Plasman Lawrenceburg

About Plasman

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