Rotary Club of Windsor hosted Plasman CEO David Wiskel

On March 9, 2021 the Rotary Club of Windsor (1918) welcomed Plasman President & CEO David Wiskel as their virtual guest speaker to share discuss Plasman as a company, it’s re-brand and community impact.

Proudly serving Windsor and Essex County, along with communities around the world, the Rotary Club of Windsor has more than 130 members that represent a diverse community of like-minded caring people from all walks of life. Their strength is grounded in a variety of perspectives, talents and experiences by working together to make a significant impact in the world such as scaling their global network to eradicate polio, bring clean water to remote villages and educate girls – to name a few.

Wiskel began by discussing key company milestones while emphasizing Plasman’s rich history of over 40 years. “When I started here, we were a small Canadian company, with smaller facilities only in the Windsor area,” he said. He further explained that Plasman services automotive, consumer and medical markets globally, with product capabilities including design, engineering, tooling, molding, surface finishing, and assembly.

As an automotive and manufacturing leader, David then explained how and why Plasman decided to launch their global rebrand in November of 2020 that included a new logo and unified global brand name that brought 5 divisions under one banner. He stated, “The change reflects the company growth and building pride in what we do as one driving force.”

Just as important, Wiskel expressed how proud he is to be a part of a company that is dedicated to helping the communities in which we serve. “At Plasman, I believe it is important to support an agenda for children. We have 14 charities that we have partnered with and donate to year after year throughout North America.”  Wiskel shared that each year Plasman’s donations to these 14 charities is determined around their current needs and wish lists. “Our company’s community impact is a total team effort that includes members of senior leadership to new team members that take an active role in supporting the communities for which they live in.”

Reflecting on a charity that Plasman partners with, David talked about a personal experience he had while visiting Nens de Llum, a charitable organization in Mexico that specializes in caring for children with brain damage through services and therapies. He explained how he purchased a coat hanger in support of their organization that hangs in his office till this day. It is an important reminder of how fortunate Wiskel and his Plasman team members are as he explained, “Above all, we know we are very fortunate people and it’s incredibly important for us to be active in the communities for which we live and work.”

Plasman employee posing with Nens de Llum employees and children following donation to charity in Queretaro, Mexico

In closing, Wiskel wanted to share a company produced video he is very proud of. Titled “We Are Plasman,” the in-house production included over 200 Plasman team members from across the globe, celebrating who they through the dedication to their work, their customers and each other. “I wanted to show you this video to conclude my presentation because it really shows how our work culture of teamwork and trust is so important. It is the foundation to our success and this video truly highlights how we are dedicated team of professionals working towards a common goal while not always taking ourselves too seriously.”

Needless to say, the audience loved the video and thanked David for his participation, insights and sharing of knowledge as David answered their questions.