Plasman Recognized for Outstanding Employee Engagement by MiddleGround Captial

Arnau Vilalta, Vice President, Operations Exterior Trim, recently had the privilege of presenting best practices about Plasman Employee engagement strategies that included highlights and findings specific to Plasman’s very own KIC and Cheer for Me programs at this year’s MiddleGround Capital OPS Conference. The OPS Conference is an annual forum for MiddleGround (MG) portfolio companies. This year’s core discussion topics focused on promoting employee engagement and best practice sharing for operational improvements across all MG portfolio companies.

Designed for front-line leader development, KIC stands for Know me. Include Me and Cheer for Me. The training program is for Plasman Supervisors and Managers to learn and practice demonstrating behaviors that are critical to effectively communicating and understanding their team members, peers and customers while building greater authentic relationships.

Cheer for Me is the peer-to-peer recognition program for which Plasman celebrates extraordinary efforts that reflects their core values: Ethics & Integrity; Respect & Fair Treatment; Communication and Courage. The context of the program is focused on how important it is to recognize one another for doing great things based on what Plasman believes in and stands for as one driving force.

Plasman Outstanding Employee Engagement 2021 glass award on table in front of leather chair and wall with Plasman logo at Global HeadquartersDuring the conference, Arnau shared team member feedback and the positive effects that have increased engagement and performance. “The KIC and Cheer for me programs were designed to generate greater practice and sharing of positive feedback across our company in North America.” says Arnau. “Both created a platform that promotes and recognizes positive communication while building greater trust and relationships with one another. It is truly powerful as there were over 13,000 Cheer For Me’s given out last year alone.”

Upon sharing his personal experience and statistics to explain the impact of the deployed engagement strategies at Plasman, Arnau was presented with an Outstanding Employee Engagement Award for 2021 by MiddleGround Capital recognizing Plasman. “We at Plasman were happy to share this best practice with MiddleGround Portfolio Companies and feel proud to be recognized with the ‘Outstanding Employee Engagement’ award for 2021,” concluded Arnau. “It really is a testament to our team member engagement and positive cultural mindset across our company and look forward to introducing these powerful concepts to our European team members this year.”

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