Plasman Modernizes its Sweden Warehouse Logistics

Simrishamn, SWE – Recently, Plasman Simrishamn Manufacturing, in collaboration with Jungheinrich, switched to lithium-ion trucks and digitized the daily supervision of its truck fleet. 

With a clear focus on innovation, development and investments for the future, Plasman Simrishamn Manufacturing highlighted the need to make changes to its warehouse layout by installing a new machine and building a new charging room for truck battery handling. Jungheinrich provided opportunities that aligned with the focus on increased innovation and safety in truck operations.  The solution – to completely switch to lithium-ion trucks and introduce a Fleet Management system.

“Instead of having to expand the charging room, we could free up the space for other things. Previously, we wasted time going to the charging room at the other end of the production premises to change and charge batteries. Now employees can park the truck at their work zone and quickly plug into the charging socket,” explains Patrik Ågren, Logistics Manager, Plasman Simrishamn.

Plasman focuses on and takes great pride in the safety of its employees. Lithium-ion trucks provide concrete safety advantages over traditional battery technology. In addition to being safer for employees, as well as streamlining and simplifying truck handling, lithium-ion batteries are also sustainable. They have high energy efficiency and a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process leading to reduced CO2 emissions.

Person in safety vest standing in front of forklift with two other forklifts around him on the factory floor at Plasman Simrishamn Manufacturing
Patrik Ågren, Logistics Manager, Plasman Simrishamn