Plasman Introduces their Nine Global Sustainability Actions

At Plasman, sustainability is an integral part of their value system, and their approach is a continuous journey. They focus on Environmental, Social and Economic sustainability topics. Plasman believes by integrating these topics into strategy, their operations and supply chain they can support a healthy, diverse, and resilient company for this generation of employees and the generations to come.

This is a big topic and requires a global planned approach. Plasman formed a committee and two task forces to assess their status against 12 sustainability elements. The teams from Europe and from North America were tasked with identifying gaps to these elements and to determine their priorities to close these gaps moving forward. This work has now been completed and Plasman is happy to announce their next steps where they will begin an aggressive strategy that engages all Plasman employees working towards sustainability objectives.

Plasman Nine Global Sustainability Actions will drive sustainability within their company and supply chain. They will be implemented and ingrained into Plasman’s cultural practices, they will focus their continuous improvement and innovation efforts to meet a wide range of employee and customer needs.

Layout of Plasman's 9 Sustainability Actions, with green icons for each and text to support Plasman's commitment to becoming Climate Neutral