Plasman initiates their commitment to Sustainability

Plasman is committed to embedding sustainability into our strategic goals and continue to grow a culture of sustainability within our global footprint to be reflected in all facets of our organization.

For these reasons we have decided to build and present our commitments knowing whole heartedly that Corporate sustainability is a process that integrates Environmental, Social and Economic topics into strategy, our operations and supply chain. By investing our time and resources into these three areas, it aims to provide the following: better well-being, health and safety, knowledge and competence, quality of life, innovation and creativity, long-term development, resource efficiency and pollution reduction, economic growth, technological advancement, non-discrimination and equitable business practices, customer satisfaction, organizational profitability, and much more.

Teams from Europe and North American have come together to champion the creation of a Plasman Sustainability Model in partnership with the global Senior Executive Team. During the process, they will seek information from all departments throughout the 16 manufacturing facilities across Europe and North America.

Every staff, industry, and community partner have a role to play in advancing sustainability and addressing our most pressing challenges due to climate change. We want to ensure that we create an environment in which everyone can work together to make our company and the people within resilient and support the community we operate within to do the same.