Plasman Group Announces Global Rebrand

Plasman Group Announces Global Rebrand

Windsor, ON – Automotive and manufacturing leader Plasman Group has announced they will now be known solely as Plasman™ in the automotive, consumer and medical markets. With a rich history dating back over 40 years, the change reflects the company’s growth from a two-person tool shop into a global industry leader. Plasman™ is a key supplier of exterior trim, bumpers/fascia, interior systems, and sub-components for major OEM automotive brands, and is a significant player in the consumer goods market specializing in precision molding. Recently, the Company further diversified into the medical device and biotech industry.

Prior division names, including A-Brite Plating, A.P. Plasman, Build-A-Mold, Plastal and Thermotech, will now be united under one global brand name. It marks an exciting milestone for the company, as Plasman CEO David Wiskel explains. “It is not only about the name change, but an opportunity to reflect on everything our history has afforded us and everything we aspire to become. In the 16 plus years I have been CEO, Plasman hasn’t stopped growing. It is an exciting time for me personally, our entire team, and each of the customers we serve”.

Plasman recently introduced Omniluxe™ to their list of product offerings, dedicating a new factory in Gothenburg, Sweden to its mass production for automakers. Omniluxe is a chrome alternative that meets the strictest environmental guidelines. Its flexibility gives designers the freedom to craft complex shapes, with endless gloss options and extensive color-matching possibilities, Omniluxe is durable and environmentally friendly without compromising beauty. It can also reduce noise, vibration and harshness in a variety of applications.

Environmentally friendly products like Omniluxe are a key part of Plasman’s commitment to sustainability. Through customer, supplier and team member partnerships, they’ve created a blueprint for collectively working toward a better, more sustainable future for all. “We carefully evaluate how we work and see the future,” explained David Wiskel. “We embrace sustainability challenges as opportunities to innovate and continuously improve our product design.”

About Plasman:
Plasman operates in 9 countries with over 4000 employees. Our talented and diverse team embraces collaboration, delivers solutions, and takes ownership of our environmental responsibilities. As One Driving Force™, we operate globally to meet your needs. From design to delivery, we provide the perfect part—where and when you need it, around the world every day.

Plasman is headquartered in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and owned by Insight Equity, Dallas Texas.