Plasman Europe Headquarters MVPs supports their local Downtown Mission

Last year, Gothenburg City Mission made a significant impact by assisting hundreds of children and adults in breaking the cycle of exclusion and poverty. At Plasman Europe Headquarters, we’re honored to support this vital work.

For several years, Plasman Headquarters Europe has been a sponsor of the Gothenburg City Mission, supporting their tireless efforts to aid citizens in need.

On March 7, representatives from Plasman were invited to an event at St. Johannes Church in Gothenburg to reflect on the City Mission’s work in 2023.

Summer camps and homework assistance

Last year, the City Mission aided hundreds of children by offering summer camps, homework assistance, healthcare support, and food packages. Additionally, with the backing of the organization’s sponsors, the City Mission established several meeting places across Gothenburg, providing food, shelter, and a sense of community every day.

“You have all contributed to providing people with the necessary help and support as they navigate their way out of poverty, homelessness, and vulnerability. Thank you for your contributions,” said Tomas Carlström, Head of Marketing and Communications at the Gothenburg City Mission.

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