Plasman Connects with Future Engineers at University of Windsor Career Fair

On March 22, team members from Human Resources and Engineering represented Plasman at the Faculty of Engineering Career Fair at the University of Windsor.

The Career Fair was attended by hundreds of undergraduate and master’s engineering students across many specialties, including industrial, mechanical, electrical, civil, and computer engineering. Together with over 20 other local businesses, Plasman connected with future engineers to highlight our company, our multi-faceted engineering department, and our job opportunities across Canada.

“It’s important to connect with these students as they are our future employees,” said Matt Miller, Manager, Product Engineering. “We have several positions that would be considered ‘entry-level’ which are great for recent grads to start their careers in. As they gain experience there are many opportunities at higher-level positions for them to grow into.”

The Career Fair was organized by the University of Windsor Office of Career Development and Experiential Learning in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering to introduce future graduates to potential community employers across various industries.

“All teams work closely together, so no matter which positions new engineers are in, they get to experience and learn about design, tooling, mold, paint, chrome, and assembly,” said Kelvin Yan, Engineering Manager.

Plasman is proud to have participated in the Career Fair and to have had the opportunity to connect with exciting new talent that, as Plasman’s future engineers, will help to drive our company forward and contribute to our future innovation and growth.

Photo of 3 Plasman employees in front of a Plasman branded backdrop

About Plasman

Plasman is a leading global manufacturer of bumpers-fascias, grilles, exterior trim, and subsystem components. As One Driving Force™, our diverse team of talented employees in 11 countries is driven by a commitment to outperform in all areas, from engineering design to state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Plasman’s headquarters are in Oldcastle, Ontario. Further information about Plasman is available at or follow us on LinkedIn.

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