Plasman celebrates Company Milestone

Plasman Cleveland Manufacturing, marks its 75th year of continual innovation in chrome surface finishing

An accomplished company with a solid reputation for chrome surface finishing, that has been refined for over 40 years in Cleveland, Ohio, is celebrating 75 years of hard work and dedication. “With a rich history in the Cleveland community, I am very proud we have been able to achieve 75 years in business for which we could have never accomplished without the drive, commitment and perseverance of exceptional people,” said Plasman President and CEO David Wiskel.

Originally founded in 1946 as A-Brite Plating Company, it has been a staple in pioneering plating on plastics. Today, there is no mistaking their experience and expertise of unparalleled design to finishing experience, leading-edge innovation, and process development services.

Black and white photo of the chrome line Plasman Cleveland Manufacturing in 2000

In 2015, Plasman expanded its global footprint and acquired the company to add to their impressive list of offerings in the automotive, consumer and medical fields. They immediately invested in the operation by building a new state-of-the-art hoist line and growing the facility to house multiple chrome lines all under one roof. In 2020, they unveiled a new worldwide company rebrand that included a company name change to Plasman that unified its 24 locations with each adopting a new name. “It was clear now was the right time to embrace a new unified brand as a commitment to support our ‘one team, one driving force’ philosophy and to present to our customers a single, recognizable, and competitive company brand worldwide,” explained Wiskel.

Although the unified brand renamed A-Brite Plating to Plasman, Cleveland Manufacturing, it is important to Wiskel that Plasman continues to recognize how the Cleveland company still has a strong culture that is fostered by the hard work and perseverance that A-Brite became known for. “The success of Cleveland Manufacturing is a reflection of the dedication of all our team members and suppliers, as well as the trust of our valued customers. I am proud of the company’s heritage and knowing how it has supported many hard-working people and their families in the local community over the past 75 years.”

Black and white photo of the chrome line Plasman Cleveland Manufacturing in 2000 next to gold and silver chromed car parts lined up on an orange rack

Today, Cleveland Manufacturing provides an integral option, as part of the Plasman Surface Finishing product line with custom plating on plastics services for the automotive, plumbing, appliance, trucking, electronic and consumer product markets. With superior product quality, fast turnaround times, and outstanding customer service, it’s no secret Plasman is sought out in the market due to their creative concepts and part flexibility across multiple industries. With endless color options, custom applications, textures and sustainable process developments, they continue to expand their capabilities and provide their customers with the ultimate flexibility for their products. “You don’t thrive in business for 75 years by becoming outdated, quite the opposite – we are on the forefront of innovation,” declared Wiskel.

About Plasman

Plasman, is a leading global manufacturer in bumpers/fascias, grilles, exterior trim and subsystem components. AsOne Driving Force™, our diverse team of talented employees in 9 countries are driven by a commitment to outperform in all areas from engineering design to state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Plasman’s headquarters are in Oldcastle, Ontario. Further information about Plasman is available at or follow us on LinkedIn.