European company SKYLTiDEAL features Plasman’s rebranded signage in our five Europe locations

SKYLTiDEAL re-profiled our 5 Europe locations

Recently, Plastal changed its name to Plasman – ” One driving Force ” and SKYLTiDEAL were proud to have been asked to participate in the production of the company’s signs when they become part of the Plasman Group .

The facilities the assignment applied for were: Gothenburg (Headquarters in Europe), Arendal and Simrishamn in Sweden, Ghent in Belgium and Raufoss in Norway.

All locations had different conditions, different needs but with one goal – the new signs with Plasman’s logo to be installed within 3 months!

So with the graphic profile in hand, their graphic designers started to adapt the new signs to Plasman’s needs and sign places. Well organized by their project manager and now acting CEO Thomas Yngvesson, they were able to complete the project and ensure that all signs were in place with a good margin in time. The assignment applied to both exterior façade signs, smaller reference signs, traffic signs but also interior decor for EU Headquarters in Gothenburg.

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