Covid Support: Sharing Our Expertise

An impromptu connection from from CEO to another has driven a connection between our manufacturing and medical communities for which Plasman is proud to dedicate its resources and expertise to help fight the Covid pandemic.

Plasman President and CEO, Dave Wiskel explains, “In short, our company would really like to help where we can – this can be through contacts, tooling, supply chain, procurement etc. I also need to be fully transparent – we are in a “no revenue” position as all of our customers are down around the world. Hence, we are focused completely on coming out of this a sound company ready to get their workforce back and running. But we can offer a lot of horsepower to help you wherever we can.”

Plasman is supporting local health care industries and hospitals with our Supply Chain expertise and connections to help with their procurement goal of onemillion N95 one-size fits all masks and respirators. MRH interests have now expanded to surgical masks, gowns, and other items of critical need.

At the very beginnings of the COVID outbreak, we supported our Chinese suppliers and this past week Hopkins Manufacturing and Windsor Tooling donated over 1,500 masks to our supplier partners. The same suppliers are now donating nearly 3,500 masks in return to support local Plasman area hospitals.

Wiskel noted that he personally feels an obligation to step up during this unprecedented time, “As our CEO, I feel that in a time like this we need to all help out where we can. The entire Plasman team wants to help!”