Covid Support: Paying it Forward

In the years to come we will all remember where we were during this unprecedented period of time that we never expected to see in our lifetime. As One Driving Force, Plasman has shifted its attention to do our part in fighting this global pandemic.

As a company we evaluated our priorities to focus on the needs of our community during this critical time, and we are stepping up! We’ve partnered with Canadian Government Agencies to identify ways to utilize our capabilities and responded in true Plasman fashion. We are building 18 tools that will supply parts to assemble 200,000 ventilators to the United States. We have dedicated our 3D printing resources and expertise to donate printing capacity of 3D printed face shields for the medical industry.

At the very beginnings of the Covid outbreak, we supported our Chinese suppliers and this past week Hopkins Manufacturing and Windsor Tooling donated over 1,500 masks to our supplier partners. The same suppliers are now donating nearly 3,500 masks in return to support local Plasman area hospitals.

Dave Wiskel, President and CEO, is leading the charge in driving a connection between our manufacturing and medical communities stating, “In short, our company would really like to help where we can. As our CEO, I feel that in a time like this we need to all help our where we can. The entire Plasman team wants to help!”

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