Plasman celebrates launch of Honda 2023 CR-V

Plasman was proud to celebrate the launch of the 2023 Honda CR-V by hosting the new model at Windsor 3 Manufacturing on January 18. This formal event commemorated the long-standing partnership, winning collaboration, and production of high-level CR-V quality parts from conception to completion. “This is incredibly significant for Plasman,” explained Tim Berezowski, President, Plasman North America. “This partnership and success we are celebrating today is based on our collaboration with Honda to effectively provide high-level quality parts.”

Among its many successes, the 2023 CR-V model has a larger, more pronounced front grille, and newly designed spoiler. Honda Motor Company Supplier Quality Representative, Shaun Druer, showcased a new 2023 CR-V to the team at Windsor 3 Manufacturing. “Despite a steep learning curve, we worked together to deliver positive results and a stylish look that keeps customers happy,” explained Shaun.  “Commitment to persistence and an unwillingness to forfeit nurtured a collaboration between Honda and Plasman that will continue to strengthen our relationship as the program continues. Congratulations team, job well done!” 

For Plasman this was a collective world-class team effort by Windsor Tooling, Windsor 3, Windsor 1, Tecumseh, Tilbury, and Cleveland Manufacturing locations. Their hard work and dedication in the tooling, molding, chroming, paint, assembly, and distribution processes manufactured the spoiler, grille front & rear skid garnishes, headlight moldings, and front & lower bumper garnish for the new Honda CR-V.

Plasman team members Shane Monaghan, Advanced Quality Engineer and Sarah Fleury, General Assembly Operator both felt an immense sense of pride upon seeing the newly designed CR-V drive into the plant. “It is very enlightening for me personally as I worked on this project from design to full production,” explained Shane. “This was a huge team effort across many Plasman locations, and I can see that my fellow team members feel a great sense of pride and achievement which is great.” Sarah has an impeccable eye as she is responsible to inspect each spoiler for optimum quality, “This is amazing to see how our work plays a big part to the finished product,” said Sarah enthusiastically. “I always get excited and make sure to say and pinpoint to my friends and family when I see a vehicle, ‘I helped make that part right there!’”

Plasman is a leading global manufacturer in bumpers-fascias, grilles, exterior trim, and subsystem components. As One Driving Force™, our diverse team of talented employees in 11 countries is driven by a commitment to outperform in all areas from engineering design to state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. “This would not be possible without the tireless dedication of our team members who are committed to excellence every day, motivated and energized by the drive to succeed, and deliver beyond expectations,” concluded Berezowski.

Large group of Plasman employees standing around blue Honda 23CR-V at Plasman Windsor 3 Manufacturing Large group of Plasman employees standing around blue Honda 23CR-V at Plasman Windsor 3 Manufacturing