Launched May 2, the 2023 Sustainability Report dives into Plasman’s challenges and successes in our commitment to a sustainable future. We had a chat with the team members behind the report and discovered two dedicated enthusiasts determined to raise awareness.

“Real change happens when people see what we see,” says Chanel Riosa and Sharareh Farshchiha.

Growing up in Windsor, Canada, Chanel Riosa was captivated by the TV documentary ‘Planet Earth,’ mesmerized by the natural riches and wildlife of our magical planet. At the same time, across the ocean in Gothenburg, Sweden, Sharareh Farshchiha was equally enchanted, yet concerned about how humanity could harness these riches without exhausting them.

Today, Chanel and Sharareh have bridged that vast ocean, united by a shared conviction: “Saving our planet is an everyday choice—for us and for our company.”

For Chanel, Sharareh, and the entire Plasman Sustainability team, it´s busy times. Following the company-wide release of the 2023 Sustainability Report, the team are dedicated to helping Plasman’s team members grasp the importance of sustainability and its overall impact. 

“In my view, our most important mission is to show our Plasman team members what Sharareh and I see,” Chanel Riosa explains. “When they do, sustainability will influence decision making, leading to real progress.”

What exactly do you do on the Sustainability team? 

Sharareh: “In short, we’re mapping and analyzing the environmental and social impacts of our business and use this data to improve our systems and processes.” 

Chanel: “Understanding the projects and initiatives at our sites is crucial for achieving our overall sustainability goals. Ultimately, sustainability work is all about effective communication and strong relationships.”

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The new sustainability report was launched on May 2. What are the results?  

Sharareh (left): “There are definitely challenges, but also progress. In 2023, all our European sites have reached their energy intensity reduction goals, which is fantastic. Simrishamn has succeeded to reduce actual energy consumption at the same time as they increased sales. Our North American sites have launched significant water reduction initiatives and enhanced their energy efficiency. This proves that sustainability can also lead to cost savings.”

Chanel: “I like to think of our sustainability report as a catalogue of inspirational best practices. If you’d like to take one small step towards helping save the planet, read it. It’s short, simple, beautifully edited, and fun to read!”

Tell us how you became involved in sustainability work at Plasman? 

Sharareh: “I was looking for a role where I could truly make a difference. The automotive industry faces significant sustainability challenges, and that really drew me in.” 

Chanel: “People devoted to sustainability can’t limit themselves to only the most sustainable companies. There are many opportunities for progress in this industry, and I think the people who work in sustainability here are genuinely committed. 

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 It can seem like a long journey to save the planet… How do you stay motivated?

Chanel (left): “One thing that drives me is working with Sharareh. I thrive around morally grounded people who make me feel heard. Plus, I need to do this work. We need to do it—for the sake of this planet and our future generations.”

Sharareh: “Even small steps are valuable compared to standing still, and I can take responsibility myself and help drive progress. With advancements in renewable energy, digitalization, and reduced energy consumption, we’re making significant progress.”


Any encouraging message to the Plasman people on our planet´s future? 

Chanel: “Yes—you are making an impact! Every day, we all have a choice to improve. The biggest changes often start at the grassroots, and if we truly embody ‘one Plasman’, the choices our 4,000 people make carry significant weight.” 

Sharareh: “We are at a pivotal moment in the business. Together, we can challenge the status quo and start acting. This means getting leadership buy-in, allocating budgets, and mitigating risks. It’s time to make a difference.” 


The Plasman 2023 Sustainability Report highlights key achievements and challenges in our sustainability efforts. This year’s report takes you to Tecumseh, where we saved 276,000 liters of city water in a single day. You’ll meet colleagues at Raufoss who are saving 76,000 euros through heat recovery and discover how the Strakonice plant recycled 110,000 tonnes of waste, diverting it from landfills. 

Read and download the report here.

Sharareh Farshchiha is Plasman’s Sustainability Controller and Life Cycle Assessment Specialist. She lives in Gothenburg, loves playing tennis, and joined the European Headquarters  in 2022. 

Chanel Riosa is Plasman’s Sustainability Senior Analyst. She resides in Windsor, enjoys reading and crochet, and joined Global Headquarters in Windsor in 2023. 

About Plasman

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