Creating a better tomorrow as One Driving Force™

We believe that creating a better, more sustainable and inclusive future is our collective responsibility.
Everything we do reflects our relentless passion for finding ways to add sustainable value for the betterment of all of our stakeholders.


EHS Global Policy

Plasman has enacted twelve sustainability actions which the company is consistently pursuing.

We are changing the way we work and how we see the future. We are creating tomorrow, together as One Driving Force™.

Our direction







Our commitments

Human Rights, Diversity and Equality

Human Rights, Diversity & Equality

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Health, Safety & Well‑being

Compliance and Transparency

Compliance & Transparency

Zero Tolerance Corruption and Bribery Practices

Business Ethics

Continuous Knowledge, Skills, Performance Development

Competence Development

Responsible Supply Chain

Responsible Supply Chain

 Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

Sustainable Resource Management

Resource Management

Pollution Reduction

Pollution Reduction

Advance Circular Manufacturing


Sustainable Products and Services

Sustainable Products & Services

Innovative Production Practices

Innovative Production


Our quality and environmental management systems are implemented, sustained and continuously improved and monitored through third-party certification at each of our 19 locations.